Friday, November 13, 2009

Flashback Friday # 1

Take a trip back in time with me every Friday. Continue your journey over at Christopher and Tia's.

Over on her blog Elegant Snobbery Marissa has joined in on Flashback Friday. And it looks like fun! I've been thinking about jumping in for awhile now but today I finally found the perfect excuse. I accidentally left my camera's memory card at work (oops!) and when I went to take pictures on the camera's built in memory, I discovered it was full! Of pictures taken when I first received the camera for Christmas nearly two years ago.

Here's the requisite family shot.
Family Dec 2007

It's funny how the changes show up mostly in the hair--my baby brother (on the far left) has cut his hair, my mom's is much "blonder" than it used to be, and my dad has since shaved his head and beard (keeping only a mustache and goatee (which he now dyes). I've also made serious progress in revamping my wardrobe. At the time, that was a cute outfit--walking shoes instead of sneakers and a fairly new (only 2 years old) hoodie.

This photo cracks me up:
All the Kings Men Dec 2007

This is my brother, one of his oldest friends, and my hubby. I have no idea where we were driving to but it is so them. My brother going "what are you doing?", Mikey trying to thug it up, and my hubby, happy to go along with my picture taking antics.

And this one is pretty priceless too. My "why in the heck are you taking pictures of me first thing in the morning? And isn't that MY new camera?" look.

Unimpressed Me Dec 2007

The funny thing is that if I took these pictures today, I probably wouldn't even have uploaded them. Of course, I also would have had quite a few more to choose from. (Apparently the memory standard on my camera only holds 14 pictures. 14. These people are crazy.) Still, it goes to show how much easier we often are on the us of several years ago than the us of today.


  1. That is so true! I would die before posting a bad picture from last week, but am not embarrassed at all posting one from several years back.

  2. your brother looks like Jim from The Office!!

  3. Haha, I love your "why in the heck are you taking pictures of me first thing in the morning? And isn't that MY new camera?" look!! I have a similar one :)

    Nice to see you joining in the Flashback Friday posts!


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