Friday, November 27, 2009

Flashback Friday # 3

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Digging through our artwork, sorting out what needs to be framed and what needs to go, I found this. I'm not entirely sure why we've hung onto it for so long but it's a poster that the hubby and I collaborated on in college. We enrolled in an entry level communications class together since I was required for our degrees (Apparently our university had been getting feedback that engineers couldn't communicate well. What? Really? What a shock.). The class was awful. It was so basic as to be completely boring and the instructor (knowing pretty much everyone was there only because they were required to be) had dumbed down projects ridiculously for a college class.

This project, for example. We each had to read a book, find examples of some of the communication concepts we had discussed in class, make a poster, and present it to our discussion group. I remember doing that for book reports in elementary school! Luckily, we also took an upper division communications class which, while covering much of the same material, was intelligent, thoughtful, and completely worthwhile.


  1. Aww, you and your husband took classes together in college? That sounds romantic. In a smart kind of way, hehe.

  2. We did! We actually met in college. I should do a Flashback Friday about that sometime... : )


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