Saturday, November 21, 2009

Etsy Love

Despite the fact that I am no longer selling on Etsy, I still spend a lot of time on the site. It's my go to place for art, housewares, jewelry, and just about anything else. I prefer handmade, original, unique goods to mass produced. And, although handmade isn't always practical, I always try to look there first. For many things, I no longer even bother looking at the mass produced stuff in stores. Because it just doesn't have the love and care behind it of a handmade good. You can see a more in depth discussion of why I ♥ handmade in this post, but for today, I want to show off some of my latest buys. : )

1. Collars for the cats.


When the cats were kittens, we bought them collars from Paws N Tails. After two years of constant wear, Houdini escape attempts, and kitty brawling they had held up amazingly well, but were a bit faded. (Upon taking Jack's off we discovered worn spots, apparently he was more vigorous in his escape attempts than we realized!) So we headed back for more, in even brighter colors! Abby's fur almost completely covers hers, but Jack's new lime green is quite sporty!

2. Housewarming invitations!


These were listed as bridal shower invites but PepperDot was happy to customize them for us. I am thrilled with how they turned out and the people I have given them to so far have been quite taken with the cuteness. ^_^

3. A catch all for the hubby.


Not being one to carry a purse, murse, or briefcase my husband does what many men do--carries all of his stuff in his pockets. Which lead to predictable results when he would get home and empty his pockets. Stuff everywhere. An explosion of clutter that was never guaranteed to be in the same place. I had been wanting him to get some sort of catch all but he'd never found one he liked. Thank heaven for The Cat's Paw who made a bowl that he was happy with. For my part, I was impressed with how sturdy the basket is (not floppy at all) and with the fact that my husband is now using it! Hoorah for stuff being in one spot!

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