Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Tuesday was a busy day at the Dragon household. In addition to the cookies I made, the hubby and I also carved our pumpkin! We hadn't carved one in at least 5 years--not since we were dating! Clearly, that had to be remedied!

We began by picking up a pumpkin at Target. Once we got ready to carve it we realized the pumpkin had a few...flaws. Figuring Halloween was less than a week away we just shrugged and decided to work with it. After all Halloween is one holiday where rotten decor is considered seasonal.

Punkin Carvin

The hubby handled the goopey work of clearing out the innards.


See? Goopey.

No Guts No Glory

I had wanted to bake the pumpkin seeds, but I ran out of energy / time so I tupperwared them. I'm now wondering if they would still be okay to bake based on the rate of decay of the rest of the pumpkin. Plus, I would have to de-goop them. Ew.

Knowing we had some rotten spots to work around, I drew up a concept that the hubby approved.

Concept Sketches

And transfered it to the pumpkin.

Lay Out

You can see the rotten spot that inspired large, rounded eyes.

I carved half and the hubby carved half. Because that's what drives a good marriage. Teamwork.

Under the Knife

The hubby is absolutely adorable when he is intent on something.

Final Touches

Once it was carved, we tested it out in the kitchen.


Success! Which meant photo ops.


And being locked in the pantry to prevent any kitty/pumpkin disasters.


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