Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

But I know when I'll be back again. : )

I'm headed off to a grand adventure, first this year's National SWE Conference in Long Beach and then some quality time with the family. My hubby will be flying in on Saturday to join me for the family portion, we will be meeting up with his brother, visiting his grandmother, helping celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday, and squeezing in visits with friends.

During that time I'll have no internet access (no laptop, no web enabled phone, what kind of engineer do I think I am?) so the 365 project will be on hiatus until next Wed. (And yes, I do owe a couple of posts. I have the photos, I promise, it's just been crazy getting everything finished up before I leave!)

In the meantime, check out the quilts being featured in the Fall Quilt Festival I mentioned in my last post. With 525 entries as of this moment, there is plenty there to keep you busy.

And of course, Abby will be here to keep an eye on things.

Abby Face

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