Sunday, September 27, 2009

Simply Joy Sunday # 22

The things that made me happy this week. Check out Cool Zebras for other's joys.

1. Having amazing friends.

2. Making a huge amount of progress on my craft room!

<Cutting Ironing Designing 91-365 The Grand RevalFull Wall

3. Finding Abby nestled in my fabrics.


4. Pulling together an awesome outfit that not only makes me feel fabulous but involves my new belt!


5. The gorgeous city I live in.


6. Date night with the hubby.

Hubby and Hummus

7. Having my camera with me while we killed time waiting for the movie to start.

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  1. I really love this Simply Joy Sunday. Really fantastic joys this week!

    The photo of your cat in the fabric cracks me up!

  2. Great simple joys this week!


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