Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Good Mail Day

A foodie friend of mine and I were talking quite awhile ago (six months?) about cooking vanillas. I used to get the most wonderful syrupy, non-boozey cooking vanilla from Trader Joes. And then Trader Joes stopped carrying it and then we moved to Alabama and there are no Trader Joes here regardless, and then the last of my hoarded vanilla ran out. So I was forced back to the land of regular ol' vanila. Which is very thin and very boozey.

Not too long after our conversation, she found some thicker vanilla in a local shop near her and promised to send me some. I happily agreed and then promptly forgot about it. Until, that is, a package arrived yesterday from MJD in California containing the following:

An Excellent Mail Day

One bottle vanilla paste and one paper dragon. They are both absolutely adored and squeed over. (With my husband as my witness, there was much squee-ing). I have the best friends ever. : )

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