Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 79/365--Tasks

My daily contiribution to my year long "Around the House" photo project. 365 photos. Blogged here.

79/365 Tasks

Initally this table was intended to go in the craft room. It's roomy enough for cutting or sewing to be a breeze and in our rental house it was my photo/staging area. However, when my mom came into town, I drug it into the rec room intending for it to be used for sewing the couch fabric. (We all know how that turned out.) In the end, it stayed in here and I set it up as a study/writing desk. Because one of the sappy but true facts about me is that I prefer to be near my hubby if he is in the house. The thing I greatly disliked about having a whole craft room to myself is that I missed chatting with my hubby and showing him my progress as I went. And given that I plan to start studying in January for a very large and onerous test that I will (hopefully) be taking next October (yes, 2010) this seemed like the perfect spot for it.

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