Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day 18/365--Heirlom

I am participating in a 365 day photo project called "Around the House" for photos of the house and all things in it. Each day I take a photo of something and make a brief post here about the image.

18/365 Heirlom

When I was in college, I came home for a vacation and was over at my grandma's house. While there I saw some candelabras she had sitting out and admired them. I was promptly sent home with them. >_< Not that I didn't appreciate the gesture, and love the candelabras, but I hadn't been aiming for gifts. And I had no good place to put them in my small apartment. So, for the past eight years they have sat on top of a hutch and stayed in cabinets and boxes. All along, I kept thinking what they really needed was a proper mantle. And now they (and we) finally have one.

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