Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 9/365--Out with the Old

I am attempting a 365 day photo project called "Around the House" for photos of the house and all things in it. Each day I take a photo of something and make a brief post here about the image.

The camera charger is still MIA, but rather than be stymied by this setback, I've decided to make the best of it. When we first took possession of the house, we found some old photos, taken by the previous owners before and during some remodeling. I'm going to scan them in and post them over the next couple days with some "afters" that I took while I still had a camera battery than could charge. *sniffs for dramatic effect*

Day 9/365 Out with the Old

Setting Up

The contrast between these two is amazing. I love how warm and welcoming the current kitchen colors and design are. And most of all...I love that we didn't have to deal with the hassle of construction to enjoy the benefits. Hurrah for prior owners with good taste!

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