Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Very First Home Improvement Project

We are closing in on handing over an absurd amount of money and receiving the keys to our very own house! We close Friday afternoon and then have the weekend to start tinkering around in the house.

In the meantime, the hubby and I have drafted up our very first home improvement project for the new house. The prior owners also had cats, however, unlike our cats, theirs were likely indoor/outdoor cats. There is a small cat door next to the people door into the garage. The people door opens onto 3 or 4 brick steps to bring you down to the garage floor level. The kitty door comes out onto a small wooden shelf for the cats to jump down from.

The only problem is that we don't allow our kitties outside and the garage is a bit too close to escape for my comfort. However, instead of just boarding over the door,we've decided this would be the perfect spot for the litter box!

Enter the master plan:
Grand Plan

The rounded opening is the kitty door from the house. The top part will hold the litter box and have a door that latches, so we can easily clean the litter box from the garage. The bottom part will also have a and door and will be used to store the litter, scoop, etc, out of sight. We're going to use some beadboard for the doors to give it a nice finished look.

I am stoked to have the litter box out of the house. We don't have an issue with smell (my hubby, litter-changer-in-chief, stays on top of that) but litter tracks everywhere. This should keep it somewhat contained and, even it that fails, it will be in a place that is easy to sweep up.

Kitty Love

They may not look excited now, but they will be. ; )


  1. That is an amaaaazing idea! Love the engineering drawing and isometric view. ;-) Silly engineers. Ha ha.

  2. Drawings like that are my bread and butter. The cats deserve no less. ; P

  3. Ah, necessity is the mother of invention :-)

  4. That's a fantastic idea and I bet the little furry ones will be quite happy with it, too!

    Have fun in the house this weekend! When do you start to actually move in?

  5. What am amazing idea.!! Well, good luck for your very first home improvement project.


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