Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Pack Ratty Days Are Numbered

Last night I began the great photo clean out. You see, I upload the photos off my digital camera and sort them. Then I pick a couple for editing, crop them, "enhance" them (ie: fix brightness/contrast issues) and finally upload them. Meanwhile, I leave all the other photos. So for every etsy listing I've ever made (plus more that haven't made it onto Etsy or sold elsewhere...) I have a folder. With pictures. Anywhere from 3 or 4 pictures to 50+. And a lot of those look nearly identical, or are blurry, or out of focus, or off center, or on a trial background that didn't work out. Or, or, or.

Well, my computer has lately been flashing a warning at me about being low on disk space. Oops. Seems like that 60GB hard drive (which seemed RIDICULOUSLY huge when I bought it several years ago) just isn't that big after all. Jack agrees with me that this was bunk:

I WAS Sleeping

After about an hour of barely scrapping the surface, I had my husband copy the music off my computer onto his (much larger) hard disk. And then I deleted all of it. All nearly 10 GIGS of it. Hey, look, more room! : D

Of course, I still need to weed through the photos and get rid of all the useless ones. *sigh* A little bit at a time. : )

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