Monday, June 09, 2008

Checking In

Last week I posted my rather unwieldy to-do list. So now it is time to check in and see what I've accomplished.

*Create 30 medium flower cards

This is more monumental than it sounds since I have had this idea for about a year now, and even made samples, but never quite got them into the shop. So these will have their grand debut at the show!

They still need to be photographed and documented though before they can be bagged. Boo.

*Draw dragonlings for 20 bookmarks and 10 cell charms

I have about 9 drawn. I think these will wait until the next show

*Create packaging for 25 dragonlings
*Photograph 25 dragonlings and get them into their packaging

These two go hand in hand and both are DONE. This means that whatever doesn't sell at the show will be ready to be listed afterwards. Woot!

*Get Ink&Vine buttons designed

I've given feedback on the first round of designs to my graphic designer. I don't know that I will have the buttons in time for this show, but definitely for my second one.

Display Stand

*Decide what else I need for my display--purchase or make

I bought a latched display case to hold my dragonlings and a small easel for it to sit on. (See the picture; isn't it cute?) This will nicely solve the occasional issue I have with sticky fingers AND allow me to easily display up to 40 dragonlings. Yay! Now I just need to retrofit it to be magnetic.

I also found an adorable woven box to hold cards in addition to my baskets. Yay! And, even better, it was on clearance!

*Swap out mrsdragon cards for inkandvine cards on all previously packaged cards

Done, done, and done. There were nearly 100 of them, so this is a relief!

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  1. Great job! You have tons of creativity and talent!


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