Saturday, January 26, 2008

Woman On a Mission

I was watching "When Harry Met Sally" the other day. Now, if you have ever seen the movie, you may remember this. At one point, the movie is split screen, with the each in their respective beds, talking. And Harry starts talking about women being high maintenance; Sally asks what kind of woman she is. Harry answers

"You are the worst kind--you are high maintenance, but you think you are low maintenance.".

"I am not! I just know what I want and I want it how I want it."

"I know. High maintenance."


Yea... I'm high maintenance too. ; ) My latest obsession involving knowing what I want and wanting it just how I want it is my dream day planner. It really is very simple, I want a planner that is:

*small, 5x7" is too large
*but not too small 3x5" is too small
*brown--and not just any brown, not beige or kakhi, a lovely chocolate brown
*beige accents would be good
*but not too-girly accents
*and not too manly either
*monthly calendar pages, not weekly
*pages for notes, not lined ones though, and not blank ones
*ideally, they would be graph paper
*but not that blue and white, thin graph paper, preferably a nice heavy graph paper like what is in my work log book
*no superfluous pockets, calculators, pen holders, address books, etc.
*a nice to the touch material that is still professional--like leather, faux leather, twill, etc.
*I prefer bound to ringed binders, but ringed binders to spiral bound books.
*crisp page edges
*neatly finished edges on the cover

Etsy, Office Depot, Target, Franklin Covey, and random google searches have all failed me.

Why is this so HARD? Can anyone recommend a good artisan I could commission for this?


  1. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Sounds great....good luck!

  2. Anonymous1:58 PM

    While I was reading I thought of this great Pierre Belvedere notebook that I bought last year (
    but I think that it might be too business-y/manly for what you're looking for. ...although they do come in a great brown shade.
    But alas, I don't know if they're sold online.

    well... good luck with the search!


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