Saturday, January 05, 2008


Today was an excellent day! The first part of my dragonling order (I send them out to be pressed by the fabulous ChristineRenee on Etsy) arrived today! Woot!

Which means I was able to convo a buyer to select which of these two they wanted for their custom order:

Painterly Dragonlings

Franc AvatarThe request was for a dragonling like Franc (shown right) in green. Love it!

In addition to that, I got to drool over the end result of a project I started, er, far too long ago to remember when I bought some vintage dictionary pages from a seller on Etsy. Looky, looky!

Dictionary Dragonlings

And have I mentioned that these are magnets? *Squees!* I love magnets! They are so handy! ^_^

And as you can tell from the above pictures, my camera problem has been resolved (Thanks Mom and Dad!). The only downside (just a baby one) is that my new camera is a Sony, not a Nikon, so I am having to re-find everything. Tonight I discovered that this camera does not appear to let you set your white balance by taking a measurement! It just has silly little "presets". Which don't work real well. SIGH. I am hoping that that is a problem that can be easily solved by reading the manual because I have already invested in a different memory technology and used the camera for TONS of pics.

But! Speaking of pictures though, here are the promised cupcakes! Mmmmmm. Cupcakes! (The colors are a bit off in the pink one, that banner is more beige for example, it's that camera thing again.)

Birthday Cupcake Dragon Pink CupCake

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