Monday, January 07, 2008

Magnet Mania

I came home from work today full of inspiration and energy! Whooo! I managed to figure out what was tweaking out the white balance on my camera (the color setting being on vivid) and get some great pics! I took pictures of all of my new magnets and even did a little "in situ" arrangement to give people an idea of how they might look. If you click on the picture, you will be able to see the notes I added to the Flickr pic, but there are Moo cards, a post card, some shameless self promotion, a couple of gifts, and, of course, lots of cute dragonling magnets!

Magnet Collection

I even got so far as to get the packaging figured out and ready to print! Only one problem. One of my color ink cartridges is d.e.a.d. This wouldn't be a problem if my shop color was blue, but since the text is supposed to be green....

Packaging Mock Up

I think I need to wait and pick up some ink tomorrow. I also need to get a punch so I can make neat holes for the magnets to sit in instead of mangling the paper with scissors. (Oh, and the names will be printed too. Just FYI.)

The little ink/punch hold up meant I couldn't start getting these listed (GAH!), but I have all the other pictures ready--cropped and everything! Thumbnails, in situ, and even...the BACK!


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