Thursday, January 31, 2008

Making Plans

So Monday's pledge got me thinking. About all the projects I've been meaning to do and about all the things I would like to get made up for my shop. So I made a list of things to work on in February:

  • Light Fairy for the FAE round robin (I've had her far longer than I care to admit. I need to DECIDE on something, DO it, and SHIP her out!)
  • Coloring Book Pages (I've been wanting to do these for over a year)
  • Make more flowers (so many new, pretty papers, just sitting there. It's a travesty!
  • Attach flowers to cards (I usually do this in small batches, this time I'm thinking big. Like hundreds.)
  • Create card/envelope sets (A relatively new idea but a good one : )
  • Create stationary designs (Finding the right paper may take awhile, but I can at least get the designs sketched out)
  • Create recipe card designs (Ditto)
  • Create a huge batch of shrinky dinks for bookmarks, cell dangles, etc.
  • Collaged ACEOS (I haven't done any in ages)
  • Decoupage "imagine" box (A personal project. More explanation and pics if I ever actually DO it.)
  • Create anniversary ACEO for hubby (shhh! ; )
  • Finish cards (stamp them and add leaves)
  • Sort out sets of cards (I know it seems silly, but that is the hardest part for me!)
  • Draw out calendar ideas
  • Create something red for VAST's February challenge
  • Take a picture of my shows for interview, answer questions, and SEND OFF!

1 comment:

  1. Girl, you and me both ie FAE Round Robin. I have to get the Dark Doll done!!


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