Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Little Bit of Magic

One of the things I love about life is how things seem to snowball. Now, while this can be very bad news when things are headed downhill, it's such a trip when good things just seem to pile on. : )

After moving to Alabama last year for my new job, my hubby began looking for work. Tons of applications, cover letters, and websites later, he had had relatively little interest and was beginning to feel like he was tossing applications into a rather large black hole.

Then it all began to change. Over Christmas, we bought him the perfect interview suit. Shortly after that, he received a phone call from a company that wanted to interview him for not one, but two positions. After acing the phone interview (yay!), they set up an interview for tomorrow.

This was great news. But certainly not the end of the story. But to get to the next bit, let me back up a step and give you some background. Within the FAE (Fantasy Artists of Etsy) group, there is a wonderful woman named Katharine who runs Interior Glass Designs--a shop where she sells stained glass, magic wands, and all sorts of other things. Her wands have long been admired amoung the group for their beauty. As time went on, more and more stories cropped up of strange occurrences, that could only be described as magic, linked to her wands.

Another FAE-er, Helen purchased one of these wands and offered to send positive thoughts to those who could use them.

Now, back to the original story. I asked Helen to send good job vibes in my hubby's direction. That was last Friday. This Monday he received a call about another job, and set up an interview for this Friday.

Two interviews in the same week! Some people would consider it random coincidence that he should get callbacks after buying a suit or my request to Helen. And they might be right. But I like to look at it as a matter of being prepared. When you do things to the world that indicate your openness to opportunity, when you are ready to seize chances as they come--the good news follows. It's the subtle sort of magic that requires having your eyes open to see. And thanks to my fellow FAE-ers, I'm able to see it a little more easily this time.

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