Saturday, December 01, 2007

Looking to Shop?

With the holiday season already upon us, there are several people and groups who have gone out of their way to help you find those things you need (and want) for gifts (and yourself!).

If you are looking to buy handmade this season, check out these tools from Etsy sellers:

Betsy Search
Use this site to search Etsy directly with expanded options like title only search and a shop location search. You can also search forum threads! : )

The Etsy Mini Blog
A collection of Etsy Mini's organized by product category. They use slightly different categories than Etsy does, so if at first you don't see the category you want, try looking again. A wonderful way to get a feel for what various sellers offer. They also offer the option of finding shops that support charities, a great way to get even more out of your holiday shopping this year!

Etsy Greeting's Winter Exhibit
If you are looking for handmade holiday cards, this should be your first stop! The sellers change weekly, the cards change as often as the seller updates their featured items.

The Etsy Greeting Blog
With new cards featured daily, this blog is your year-round source for discovering new indie card designers.

The Official Fantasy Art of Etsy Website
This site offers multiple ways to shop, with new ones being added daily. Some notable ones:

Holiday Gift Exhibition-- Fantasy items that would make great gits!
Holiday Themed Gift Exhibition-- Fantasy items with a wintery or holiday theme.
Shopping Portal-- Options to select shopping by theme, type, or seller; available year round
Countdown to Christmas--A twist on traditional advent calendars, each day the magic door will lead to a new seller's shop. The joy of unexpected discoveries! : )
Looking for Custom Work?-- A list of members who accept commissioned work.

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  1. wow, i've been with etsy for a year and a half and din't know all these great things existed. Thanks!


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