Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Journey

One of the best things about art is the journey to the product. You know, that "a-ha" that leads you from one bright idea to another. Ping-ponging among possibilities.

This particular piece started with my very first flower cards. I began with large flowers on 5" x 7" cards that I had on hand, and offered the option of adding a message under the flower. A few of my first buyers clued me in to the real potential, saying things like "Oh, this is so lovely! I'm going to frame it instead of mailing it out!". Hrmmm.

When I did my first craft show last December, my mom broke out a couple of frames she had on hand and we framed up a couple of cards. Since then, those have been a staple of my shows, and people are always much more interested in the framed cards than in the unframed ones. It adds that "special something".

Dec 2 Craft Fair Table--Right Side

Since then I have toyed with the idea of buying frames and framing up the cards and selling framed art. I have some unfinished frames from a long-lost plan to decoupage frames as gifts one year, but I really didn't know if I wanted to commit myself to finishing frames. I found frames at Target and such, but the ones inexpensive enough to consider were also not of a quality I was happy with. So nothing happened.

And then, Etsy came through for me! I found the most fantabulous seller, mudpuppy, selling handmade, resin frames that were just perfect.

With the missing ingredient in hand, I was finally able to pull together my first framed original work.

I just love it! (Of course, I may be a bit biased here. ; )

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