Thursday, November 15, 2007


Every year around this time, it occurs to me that I will need a new calendar. So I hem, and I haw, and I start obsessively investigating options. I need one that is beautiful, but not frivolous. One that will meet my practical needs and still look good. Every month. Because, you see, if I only get to change pictures once a month, I must like them ALL. Of course, that assumes I stick with a traditional calendar. There are dozens of other options--perpetual calendars (too much of a commitment), daily calendars (too much work), yearly calendars (not enough variety)--but I prefer my monthly format.

Now, in years past, I spent several months frowning at the awful, boring, overdone calendars in Borders and sometime in January, when the calendars were on sale for 75% off, I would pick the least offensive and deal with it.

Not this year! This year I have Etsy and oh my! I could drown in all the beautiful, colorful, creative options. So tonight, I went shopping. *sheepish grin* I haven't bought a calendar this early in, well, ever.

So what made it into my cart for the final round of decisions?

Done in tones of brown and beige I thought "Ooh, this would go with my brown theme in my office!". My husband adored it too, thinking it was simple and sophisticated.

Brilliant colors and page layouts by one of my favorite digital designers on Etsy (check out her cards, *swoon*), this calender gets extra awesome points for featuring quotes. (I am a sucker for meaningful text.)

This little black bird is curious, cute, and just darn everywhere! Love the simplicity and the cohesiveness.

And as long as I am discussing calendars, I will go for the shameless promotion and pimp out the FAE Etsy Street Team calendar. Put together by Sarah of Artca the calendar features work from many of our talented members. : )

Here is my page:


  1. What a great thing to start thinking about! Usually I just use whatever the insurance guy sends me. This year I am treating myself to a special one!

  2. i'm a bit the same with calendars and i too prefer monthly ones...daily ones end up getting stuck on a particular date and not moving for the rest of the year!

    never thought of shopping on esty for one! love your selections - my favourite is probably the green one (can't remember by whom)


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