Monday, October 15, 2007

Spotlight on RosieMade

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I simply adore color (but regular readers know that already). I also adore text. Letters--big and small, script and print, colored and not, plain and fancy, hold a special place in my heart. I love their texture, their shape, and their magical ability to shape and hold thoughts. In many fantasy novels, the power of a name is unsurpassed. Simply by knowing things true names you can command them. For me, words of all kinds, hold a similar power.

Thus it is that I found RosieMade's shop with fascination. Here text is not a buried part of the background, but front and center. Yet the bold colors, thick textures, and surprising shapes makes these letters far from ordinary.

The majority of the work in her shop is custom. You can have a set of canvases put together to spell anything you like--the name of a child, an important date, a meaningful saying. Me, I want our last name. You know how people get those little plaques and signs that say "The Smith's Est. 2006" (or whenever they got married). I want one of those, made with life, with vibrancy, by Rosie.

The first image below is the first listing of Rosie's that I encountered and which absolutely captivated me. I adore the slightly richer than usual primary colors. The hints of brown lend a more sophisticated air to the overall set. It could still hang happily in a child's room, but it could just as easily grace the space of an adult.

The second image shows the other type of signage that you will find in RosieMade. Signs written in the language of symbols (or very cute critters). These penguins showcase Rosie's amazing talent for drawing and demonstrate a wonderful alternative to names or dates. Imagine a set of cats or dogs for a true pet lover. Fish, turtles, snakes...just about any critter would look right at home on a colorful, swirling background.

And because most of the listings are custom listings, you have the opportunity to really reflect the recipient--add an animal to the beginning or end of a name. Or spell out names and phrases not commonly found on pre-printed items. (My mother is a Charlotte, have you ever tried to find pre-printed items with "Charlotte" on them. It's practically impossible!) Although Rosie reserves the right to make final decisions on colors, you can certainly give her a jumping off point in terms of palette or decor.

The superb quality of these pieces means that these will be enjoyed for years to come. The small size of the canvases means that they can be rearranged to fit new nooks and spaces and children grow or families move. I think that these little signs would make a wonderful holiday gift for children, families, newlyweds, and anyone who appreciates art and meaningful words.

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  1. nice review. Beautiful work. Thanks for the intro to Rosie.


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