Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Signature Sterling tagged me to list 6 things about myself and then tag 6 others.

And since we all know how much I *hate* talking about myself... ; ) Anyway, here we go:

1. I like "weird" things. Filling out forms by hand, having no mistakes, and having everything be neat and perfect. Sorting my colored pencils by color, and my books by height. The crispness of mechanical pencils on engineering paper. They make me happy. ^_^

2. I got married at 23. Apparently, no matter who I talk to, this was the wrong age. It was either way too late (we dated for four years and married in the middle of grad school) or WAY too early (you should never marry before 30!). I just laugh; it was right for us.

Rose Petal Toss

3. Although I am not a writer, I cannot seem to keep text out of my artwork. Mostly journalistic, stream of consciousness, and dealing with a central theme.

4. I am (despite being very type A) fairly laid back and "live and let live" in my attitude towards others. Thus is always suprises people when I get really worked up over "little things". One of my biggest pet peeves? Gender roles subtlety reinforced by society. In fact, most of the stuff that drives me crazy comes back to that. Hrm.

5. Despite the above I do not like "boy" dragons--those that are all muscle, teeth, fire, and dark colors. Bleh. (Although, I embrace and support those that do.)

6. I LOVE hosting parties. It's not just that it's a great motivation to clean the house. Or being able to make recipes that feed 8 million people. It also has a lot to do with the fact that other people's houses make me uncomfortable. Come over and I will make you feel like family--you can raid the fridge, I'll show you where all the glasses are, and feel free to change the station. But no matter how hospitable my hosts might be--I like being on familiar ground.


  1. I always love reading about my blog friends - such interesting things come out when forced to talk about ourselves! And I agree - hosting parties (or having family come to visit) is a fabulous incentive to clean the house!

  2. I like to host parties, too. Maybe there's alittle control freak thing going on... I don't know. But I agree - for me it's much more fun and relaxing (oddly enough) to be the one doing the hosting. : )

  3. Bonny--It's funny how we clean for others but not ourselves, isn't it? : )

    Jenn--I'm so glad I'm not the only one!


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