Monday, September 17, 2007

Countdown to a Craft Fair...3..2..1..

Thursday is my second Sidewalk Art Sale.

Right End

Pros: I like this event and I had a blast last time! Plus, there is a cool "after party" since it is the last one of the season. Plus, a couple of my co-workers might stop by if they weren't just saying that to be nice.

Cons: It will get dark much earlier, which will cut into shopping time and last time the first hour was d.e.a.d.

Either way, I made 80 cards this weekend. 65 are totally done. 15 more just need leaves and labeling.


Aaaaaaaaand, all those cello bags I bought. You know, the ones for my cards, my dragonlings, my promos. HAVE DISAPPEARED! ACK! I don't even have enough to bag up all the cards I made. : ( Hopefully, I will find them in the next two day. : /

Shop ClothI have some more baskets for my table so that I can spread out my cards more. I want to re-do my signage, but I am debating what I want to do...back and forth, back and forth. My printer really hates my heavy paper and lately it hasn't been printing at all. But I prefer printed signs. I have signs I've used before that are printed, so I could just use those again...decisions, decisions.

I also have a new tablecloth (modeled here by Jack), so I need to set up the table to see if it's too busy and needs to be paired with my dark blue one to tone it down.

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  1. Jack is a fabulous model! Good luck with your sale - my first of the season is this Saturday and I'm going through similar issues - auuuggghh! Best wishes, Bonny


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