Saturday, September 22, 2007

All in the Little Things

Love is a multifaceted thing. And that is one of the most brilliant things about it. Love doesn't have to be (and indeed often isn't) all sunshine and rainbows and roses and Hawaii honeymoons. It's knowing your partner's quirks and accepting them, not despite them, but because of them. It's throwing the packaging away after my husband cooks. It's letting him sleep when I have to leave for work because I know he was up late. It's writing mushy little love notes and leaving them for him when I have to be away.

My Table

And it's a wonderful husband who spent his day ironing table cloths, running errands, and picking up sandwiches, and then showed up at work to take me to the fair. It's that sweetheart of a man who, despite feeling crummy, helped me unload and set up, and ran home for the chairs we forgot to load. It's chatting while the fair was slow and tag-teaming checkout when it picked up. And it's coming home and having ice cream and cuddling.

That's my kind of love and I wouldn't trade it for all the roses and diamonds and exotic trips money can buy.

And those are the feelings behind this little ACEO:

All in the Little Things

Of course, there is a broader meaning as well. I love that the "blank" dragonlings leave open the gender, age, and color of the dragonlings. Their posture also leaves so much open to the viewer's interpretation. Are they coming close to kiss? Is the dragonling on the left taking the one on the right away somewhere? Are they dancing? Or flying? Are they engaged in an excited conversation? Are they a new couple, timid and awkward? Or an established couple, familiar and comfortable?

There is so much story here, waiting to be written. And the card is open enough to evolve as you do. Just like your love.


  1. What a beautiful post. Your husband sounds like a sweetheart. And, of course, I adore that art card.

  2. Awesome card!'ve been TAGGED! Details on my blog...

  3. Thanks Janine! I am utterly convinced that I married the sweetest man ever to exist. : )

  4. Anonymous11:48 PM

    So sweet!


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