Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Structured Procrastination

Possible LayoutComing only a few weeks after my post on how I do it all, this post may seem odd to some. After all, wasn't I just saying to make the most of your time and stick to your priorities, and now I'm talking about procrastination?

Well...yes. The simple answer is that procrastination actually helps me get it all done.

I'll give you a minute to re-read that.

About two years ago, I stumbled across this article and my mouth just dropped open--he was describing ME! That's what I do!

My LovesThe basic idea is that procrastination is something to be embraced--not reworked. I have found that I am happiest (and most productive) when I am busiest. Why? Because I have a choice. And as any parent knows, it's the semblance of choice that really matters.

Ask a toddler whether they want a PB&J sandwich or a turkey one for lunch and they might very happily decide on the PB&J. Tell them that they are having PB&J however, and you may have a crying, cranky, kid on your hands.

When I have 85,329 things on my to-do list, I can pick to do the easiest ones first (and get the out of the way!) or dig into something really tough (because I'm feeling up to it). But give me a single task and it will remain undone.

The great thing about life is that there are always new things to do getting stacked onto your plate. But not all of them are super important. If you procrastinate your way through them, eventually the ones that don't matter or you just can't stand to do will fall away, undone. And if they do? Well, they just weren't *that* important after all.

Day 3-Beautiful CloudsThe even better news is that you end up with a reputation as super-duper-doer-of-the-year! Everyone gets lazy, but with structured procrastination, you are using your "lazy" time getting things done. If I ignore the dishes to upload, crop, post, and annotate all 276 photos of a vacation for my parents and grandparents to see, I am suddenly daughter/grand-daughter of the year. Or maybe I let that email sit unanswered for a whole 24 hours in order to reorganize my craft room. Or I clean out a closet to avoid studying for finals (not that I, uh, ever did that in college...).

So embrace your procrastination! : )


  1. Haha, I love that article! My hubby showed it to me a few weeks back, with a very meaningful look on his face. ;)

  2. Yes, if I am under pressure with loads to do, I get an awful lot done. Whereas, if I only have a couple of things to do... they take a long time to get done or never do and loads of mistakes etc!


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