Sunday, August 05, 2007

Spotlight on jessypoole


Regular readers are well versed in my love for color and texture. I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned my absolute adoration for mixed media art on this blog before, but it is another soft spot of mine. In part because the physical layering of pieces creates an additional texture. In part because by using found patterns, type, or images artists are often able to expand beyond the limits of their own techniques. And in part because the borrowed imagery is often laden with it's own meaning, bringing new layers of depth to the work.

I can't recall exactly how I stumbled across on of Jessy's pieces, if I was doing a search on etsy or if I saw her avatar in the forums. What I do remember is stopping to STARE at the particular piece I ran across. It was a litany of things I like. Trees? Check. Vibrant colors? Check. Swirly Patterns? Check. Rainbows? Check. But it was more than just an concoction of components that I like individually. The piece had a movement, a life and a directness that made it difficult to click away. Once I finally did, I found a shop full of equally magical pieces. Focusing on trees and birds, Jessy's work exhibits a distinct use of color, patterns, and textures to create an everlasting moment.

Her profile states "My current pieces are a conscience effort to catch a fleeting moment and turn it into an eye pleasing image. I have mentally snapped a picture of something in motion, then made it immobile and permanent." And she succeeds admirably.

The first image shows the picture that was my first introduction to Jessy's shop, the one that so entranced me. The gaze of the baby owl is compelling and, as a viewer, I find it as difficult to break away as if I had locked glances with a living, breathing owl. Despite the fantastical background, the small bird has no problems appearing fully fleshed out and very much alive. The richly textured paint of the owl blends wonderfully with the most delicate floral pattern in the background.

The second image showcases a different aspect of Jessy's talent--pure painting. Although she uses the same bold palette, it is toned down just a touch to create a more "true to life" image. However, the same sense of vibrancy and life is readily apparent. I am particularly drawn to the way that the branches continue just off the edges of the canvas--a subtle nod to the expansive scale of the subject (the Grand Canyon) and incredibly enhancing the vitality of the piece.

I expect Jessy's shop to garner lots of attention in the future. Her distinctive style, bold colors, and natural subjects are sure to leave an indelible mark on the imaginations of many viewers. I would suggest buying now, before demand outpaces supply.

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  1. what a talent she has! I especially love her chickadee - one of my faves!


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