Thursday, July 05, 2007

Feel The Love

Last weekend, I spent some time thinking about swaps and how much fun it is to receive packages in the mail. But for me, the best part of swaps and secret santas is putting together the *perfect* package for other people. I have learned the art of good gift giving from my mother and it's something I love to practice.

However, swap deadlines stress me out and kill a lot of the fun. Also, I generally don't need more stuff. So for me, the ideal swap would be one way and have no deadlines. With a little help from Ornametal in the Etsy forums I came up with the perfect solution and I know am happy to introduce to you the Little Bit of Love program.

A Little Bit of Love

In a nutshell, people can nominate other people to receive "a little bit of love" by giving me some basic information. Then, based on what I have available, and when I have time, I will pull together packages for the nominees and then mail them out so they get a surprise right at their door!

If you want to nominate someone, just send me the following information:

1. Name and Address (so I can send the package, absolutely no spam or selling of addresses)
2. Age (especially if they are children!)
3. Favorite Color(s)
4. Style/Collection/Hobbies (for example, do they love horses? Are they a music geek? Do they adore plaid?)
5. Any Allergies or other things to be avoided (for example: Food allergies? Vegan? Etc.)
6. Anything Else that seems useful (is there a particular reason they need an extra bit of love? Are they preparing for a trip? Etc.)
7. Do you want a mention? If not I will say that I received their name and address from an anonymous little bird. If so, let me know what name you want me to use.

You can contact me through a convo on Etsy or an email to mrsdragonswares AT gmail DOT com.

This offer is open to everyone--if you are reading this, you can nominate someone! : ) Packages will include whatever I dream up--crafty supplies or creations, candy or treats, small gifts, promo items from other Etsy sellers, and more. The more you can tell me about the person, the more tailored the package can be to their likes and tastes.

In the spirit of the program, today I relisted Lysa, a dragonling bride with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a big heart.

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  1. Anonymous9:49 PM

    what a nice thing to do... great idea!


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