Tuesday, July 17, 2007

An Etsy Experience

I'm alive, for now, but I will most likely not be posting tomorrow or Thursday. Tomorrow because I will be in a state of "OMG, the show's tommorrow!!!!" panic and Thursday because, well, I will be at the show.

A few weeks back I saw a forum post (I believe) from etsyian Moth to Flame who was showing off her super cool square buisness cards. The front had photos of her work overlaid by the word "Etsy", and the back had her information. Well, one look told me all I needed to know and I convoed her to ask if she would put her photoshop skills to work on my behalf. She was offering the template up for free, but I have no access to photoshop and no experience with it.

To my great delight we were able to work out an agreement and she created a custom listing just for me. (Let me just take this opportunity to say that Deb was WONDERFUL. She was amazingly patient, supportive, and talented. This may very well have been my favorite Etsy experience to date and that means a lot. I would head back over there in a heartbeat if I needed anything else done.)

Then I had the brilliant idea--what if these weren't two sided buisness cards? What if they were folded cards that people could use as gift tags and I could use for thank yous? Now I was SUPER excited. And it turns out that great minds do think alike because browsing Etsy I found thepromoshop who offers 2x2 thank you cards.

Needless to say, I ordered them! They arrived quickly and are of nice sturdy cardstock. Not as thick as the stuff that I use to make my cards, but stiff enough to feel sturdy in your hand.

And, as you can see below*, the finished result is ridiculously cute. : )

Promo Cards

I have 100 of these and managed to get 46 of them bagged with a buisness card and promo pin before I ran out of cello bags (d'oh!). I will order more cello bags, but 46 sets will have to be enough for this fair. : )

*Please excuse the very yellow photo. I took a whole bunch of photos with my white balance set to "please wash these pictures out horribly" and I was using my tripod, which meant I couldn't actually see the pics until they were on my computer and I didn't have the time to retake them. Trust me when I say they are beautiful!


  1. You are right - very, very cute! Thank you for sharing your work and this great find. I have been after some promo leads for ages and I would rather go with a company recommended to me. Sara x

  2. Very cute - and a great idea for the show - best of luck!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Thank you both! : )

    Sara-- I completely understand. I also highly recommend ChristineRene on etsy if you are looking for buttons. She is awesome to work with. : )


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