Sunday, July 08, 2007

Despite not getting much done, today was a good day. My hubby and I went shopping since both the kitties and us were dangerously near out of food. After hitting up the pet store, we went grocery shopping at Target.

(Side note, that statement probably does not sound weird to anyone used to Super Targets, but coming from California where grocery stores and Target were not one in the same it still sounds odd to me.)

Anyway, while shopping what did we find? A folding table! Now, I had been looking into getting one of the these, but the absolute cheapest I had seen it was at Wal-mart's website for $40. (And then imagine shipping...for a table...yea). Target had it on sale for $35!

So this came home with us:

Not only does it fold up into a nice little 3x3 box, it even has a carry handle!

Given that I will need a table for my appearance at the local Art Stroll in, oh, a week and a half (!), this couldn't have come at a better time. : )

I also relisted little Ornth today. Don't tell the other dragonlings, but he's one of my favorites. He has such a cute little smile--you can tell he's having a lot of fun. ^_^

PS. Does anyone know why I can't click on the title box to add a title to this post? It's driving me nuts!


  1. Great table -- I love Ornth! (You must be a Pern fan ...)

    And I've been having the same problem with titles here. I was going mad trying to give my post a title -- then I published it without one, went back to edit it, clicked Preview, and it took the title.

    Stupid thing.

    I just tried a new post now, and the blamed thing let me give it a title first try -- as if butter wouldn't melt in its mouth.

  2. Hehe, unmasked! It's funny how that stuff works it's way into your subconcious. Although a huge fan, I haven't touched the books in years and yet when coming up with dragonling names... : )

    So titles are working for you now? I just posted on another blogger blog and titles weren't working there. : /

  3. I went back and tried another post, and it DIDN'T work, so I don't know what's up.

    But it did work when I hit the Preview button -- it let me into the title field, so the whole thing is massively confusing!

    I'm a huge Pern fan, too -- I totally understand ...

  4. Hmm, maybe I will try previewing things then. This whole thing is rather strange.

    I really should pull out those books and read them again. The Dragon Song, Dragon Singer, Dragon Drums trilogy is what really sparked my love of fantasy.


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