Saturday, July 14, 2007

Creative Spaces

This post is a part of the Etsy Bloggers Street Team Blog Carnival. This week's topic is the space you create in.

When we moved to Huntsville 3 months ago we took a very big step--we rented a house! And not just *a* house, *our* house. A 3 bedroom, 2 bath, cute little thing. One bedroom for a bedroom, one bedroom for an office, and one bedroom for....ME! ^_^ After trying to craft, study, eat, and relax at my same little 2'x3' foot of desk real estate at our last abode, I'm in hog heaven.

Since moving in, the majority of the house has gotten unpacked. Unfortunately, that majority does not include my craft room. I have basically been unpacking as I need things (and sometimes even finding what I was looking for!). As of right now the room has no organizational system and my decor has barely started. So consider these "before" pictures. The "after" pictures may never be quite what I want. We aren't planning to staying here more than a year or two and crafting tends to take precedence over unpacking. : )

However, onward and upward!

Craft Room Collage 1

This first collage shows two views of my 'L' shaped desk (on the left), a view of my photographing, listing, and storage center (top right), and a close up of some of the things waiting to be photographed (or rephotographed) and listed.

You can see my magazine collage wall quite nicely. The other wall above my desk (shown in the upper left photo) will soon be home to several shelfs (they've arrived, but I haven't yet decided where to hang them) and my Etsy Art Collection (again, I have several, but they aren't hung yet). The shelves will hold inspirational items that don't hang on the wall (like plushies and dolls), as well as small collectibles. (More detail, including photographs, on this next week for the "collectible" theme). I am also going to get a magnet board to the left of the desk (maybe as far left as that blank spot above my shipping area, on which to put my growing magnet collection. (Again, more on that next week).

The picture of my shipping, photographing, and storage area shows my stero (music is a must for quiet mornings spent creating), my beautiful pillow by Joom, and my brand new tripod! ^_^ The thing holding all the boxes of cards and shipping supplied to the left in that pic is a microwave cart that my hubby and I bought to add space to our last (tiny) kitchen. I have adopted it as my very own craft cart! : ) That is my homemade lightbox sitting on the table, as well.

Craft Room Collage 2

This second picture shows the second half of my craft room, and the very neglected area of my crafting life--my quilting space. The fabric spread out is being auditioned for a quilt I dreamed up a month or two ago. Someday, I might even make up my mind about what I want and perhaps even cut it! I am a snail's pace quilter. (Which explains why you will never find quilts in my etsy shop). The bench in the picture belonged to my grandmother. I used it for years as a kid and recovered it when I went to college. (I also made matching pillows, including a floor pillow that I LOVE).

The top right image shows supplies and projects in progress spread out on my desk. The middle image shows my snazzy new tripod the night I first got it (although it is out in the living room in that picture). The final picture shows the state of the floor. Oy vey. Stacked up against the sewing side of the wall are boxes that need to be unpacked, boxes that my hubby thinks I need to deal with, and empty boxes to be broken down and stored. I wouldn't be that bad, but between the boxes and the tripod legs, well it's a good thing I'm the only one who goes in there! : )

You may notice that I have no chair. This seems to be a theme in our house as we also have no kitchen chairs. Someday, I will actually get a chair. For now, I just wheel my office chair in there when I want to work. I stand to take my pictures anyway, so I only really move a chair in there when I will be creating for a bit of time. : )

For more details and observations, click the above photos to see them on flickr with the embedded notes. Trust me, its better there than me writing them all out here. ; )


  1. You have your own space! That's so awesome!

  2. I don't feel so bad about MY clutter now! :)

  3. Athena--it's wondeful! Now, if only I didn't feel so guilty for locking the kittens out! : )

    Alicia--hehe. I thought that as I was taking pictures--"Well, at least I won't make anyone feel badly!" : )


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