Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Building and Mending

So today I spent all evening tweaking layouts.

First, I gave into the evil of myspace and created a myspace page for my etsy shop. Sigh. I really hate myspace, but so many people seem to be on there. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me. The album feature wasn't there when I last paid attention, and that's pretty cool, so perhaps there is hope yet! ^_^ If you are MySpace friendly, you can find me there at:

Please stop to admire the pretty green. A lot of angst went into getting the layout colors *just so*. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for a better font to use for my name, I'm all ears. I have some better ones, but they aren't Microsoft fonts and I am worried that if I pick something else it won't show up properly for most people. Phooey.

That was spurred on by Valorie's wonderful offer to set up a MySpace page for the FAE group. She did a fabulous job-- to see the page, click the image below:

She was even so awesome as to make us a group banner! YAY! I have been wanting to get one for the FAE blog FOREVER!

So, using that as my inspiration, I did what I have been pondering for awhile now and redid the page layout for the blog as well. I used the same three-column template there that I'm using here, so you can see how colors can really define a look.

The other BIG news from today will go up tomorrow when I have a chance to pull the pictures off my camera and do it properly!

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