Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For the Animals!

*yawn* Sometimes I seriously wonder where the time goes. I sat down and *poof* it's bedtime. Bizarre.

Coming tomorrow-- super cute kitten pictures (aren't they all?), new etsy listings, and a sneak peak of the art stroll I will be part of in July and September.

For now, I am going to crawl into bed and sleeeeeeeep. But before I go, you all need to see this:

That is the super duper most amazing and awesome VAST collection of Animal ACEOs. ACEOS from 12 artists (including me!), plus an awesome handmade frame that you can rotate ACEOs through, plus a small box for the ACEOS not the frame plus a larger box to hold the whole kit and kaboodle. Everything made by hand, with love, for the animals. The charity is still TBD, so more info on that as it comes along with more pictures and information about pricing and where you can buy it. ^_^

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