Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Do You Hear Wedding Bells?

My nausea and exhaustion came back full force last night (I really can't figure out what this is...actual illness? Stress? Coming down off the adrenaline of the past 6 weeks? Lack of sleep from getting up early and going to bed late for most of last week? NO idea.) so no new listings yesterday. Then today, there is a bit of a flurry in the forums about listings having problems with showing up on category pages. Apparently, they show up everywhere else, but not there?

As usual in forums, with the general uproar over any little problem, it's difficult to tell how much of this is an actual BIG problem and how much of this is people who have too much time on their hands and still harbor delusions that life is and should be "fair".

Regardless, I'm going to hold off on posting anything until tomorrow, just in case.

In other, far more fantabulous news, the Etsy Greetings Team has a new page up for wedding cards! Tis the season for weddings, engagements, and showers so make sure to check out all the beautiful cards featured here:

I especially love this card from waise

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