Monday, April 23, 2007

Photos of My Craft Room

For years I have dreamed of having a craft room. A little space of peace and quiet and errant pins in the carpet. Well, this move finally made that possible and I am SO EXCITED! This little room is barely at the beginning, I have big plans for getting it all pulled together in relatively short order. We aren't going to decorate the house to much, since we only plan on being here about a year, but this one room, I give myself permission to unpack and decorate and love.

Below are some pictures. The first is the craft room right after the movers left. Next to that is the classic trick of "shove it all in the closet"! (I needed the room so I could get the furniture set up, so it wasn't really cheating ; ) The next three pictures show the room after the first round of boxes were unpacked. The first is my sewing area, the second is my Etsy shipping/photographing/storing area, and the third is my desk. ^_^
Craft Room Pre-Unpacking
Craft Room--Boxes Moved to Make Room!
Sewing Area in Progress
Etsy area in Progress
All Purpose Desk in Progress


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