Sunday, April 29, 2007

Making Progress

Hrm, well theory fell pretty flat this weekend. I actually got a fair amount done and I have a pretty new lightbox all set up with three lights beautifully installed around it. But I, uh, couldn't find the cards to photograph. Which means I was either looking *right at them* and not seeing them, or I got "smart" and packed them somewhere "safe". The search is on! Luckily, I have unpacked all of the ones listed in my shop, so there are no problems there. Listing new things, however, will have to wait until I can either find the cards I finished before we moved or have time to make more.

My plan is to get a bit more back on track with the blog this week. As of right now I am hoping to find the cards, and get back in the groove of taking pictures and getting things listed. I am also planning on ending the hiatus of my Sunday Spotlight feature this weekend! : )

Things will be back to normal pretty soon. At least my living room no longer features this particular installation piece:


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