Monday, March 05, 2007

Spotlight on dragonwhimsy

It probably won't surprise anyone reading this to discover that I collect dragons. After all, between my user name and my dragonlings, I expect people would be surprised only if I didn't. However, I admit to being a very picky dragon collector. I don't like the very "fierce" dragons, you know the ones you see on posters spewing forth fire and screaming against night skies. I prefer dragons that are nuanced, intelligent, and thoughtful. Oh, and cute is always good. ; )

In short, if you can convince me that your dragons are living breathing critters with a personality and a brain, I'm probably a customer for life. Until recently however, I had yet to find a dragon creator on etsy whose dragons I *loved*. Sure, I'd found pieces that I enjoyed, but nothing that was going to make me a repeat customer.

Until this week, when I stumbled across dragonwhimsy's shop and her small "house dragons" made from polymer clay. The first thing that caught my eye was the exquisite expressiveness of her small critters. The small smiles, the lifelike eyes, the felt movements, and the emotion conveyed by their small you almost feel as though they move every time you turn your back.

Shown below are two of the small dragons in her shop--the first is a small gold dragon who appears to be amused at something. It's mouth is slightly open and it leans forward with it's arms across it's chest as though about to laugh. The second is a turquoise dragon clutching a teddy bear while clearly worrying about something. Both dragons are imbued with the sense of life that you can see in each piece in the shop and the irredescence of the gold dragon lends a depth to it's coloring that adds interest and texture.

Gold Dragon Polymer Clay Sculpture
Turquoise Dragon With Teddy Bear Polymer Clay Sculpture

In addition to creating her dragons, Victoria has also written up descriptions of the personalities of each dragon color and even a story about one of her house dragons. These well written passages serve to reinforce the personal connection with the small sculptures. You could easily print out a small card with her description of the personality and include it with one of the dragons as a gift.

While dragonwhimsy is relatively new to etsy, I anticipate that her house dragons will find a strong following. I, for one, will be watching her shop closely as she introduces new friends.

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