Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blossoming Thank You, a Bouquet, and a Couple New Toys

Apologizes for not posting yesterday. I was feeling rather out of sorts and headed straight to bed without passing go. However, I did post new cards up in the shop both yesterday and today. : )

Yesterday, I posted another Blossoming Thank You Card. While the design of the card isn't new, I do like this combination of colors. And I am especially proud of my thumbnail photo! (Can you tell I've been focusing on improving my pictures? I think I must talk about them in every entry. : / ) I really like the angle I found for the shot.

Today, I added a "Thank You Bouquet"--a set of three thank you cards all with flowers in shades of purple. I really like the angle in this picture, but I may still retake the photos since they are rather yellow. *frowns*

Blosoming Thank You Card
Thank You Bouquet

Regular blog readers may have noticed a few new toys on the right sidebar. First is My StyleFeed. StyleFeed is a social networking/shopping site that allows you to bookmark and rate items from many different sites. Other users are then able to rate your choices as well. I have signed up and joined the group for Etsy Artists (so if you are one, come, join us!). I will use my StyleFeed to showcase both my own work and a generous share of my personal favorites on etsy. If you mouse over the pictures you will see that they enlarge slightly and move (tons of fun to play with, try it!). Click on a picture that intrigues you and you are taken to the StyleFeed site. Click on the large red text that says the name and you are taken to the original page that the item is displayed on--ie: for most of my items, the item description in that seller's etsy shop. : )

The second new toy is a new webring for the Etsy Greetings Street Team that I joined. If you have some time to kill and want to check out some of the other great greeting card makers on etsy, you should surf this ring. Just use the words under the logo ("next", "previous", etc.) to maneuver through the ring. If you are short on time, you can also check out the central blog for the street team (which has a comprehensive list of all of the sellers on the street team) under my Links section.

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