Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Plant the Seed of Friendship

"Plant the seed of friendship reap a bouquet of happiness."

To me this card speaks of screwing up the courage to say "hi" to that person sitting next to you in class--the one who you just *know* you would get along with, if you could only get past that small detail of being strangers. As a naturally shy person, who is often at a loss for words, that first step towards friendship always filled me with anxiety and it was always a happy relief to find a kind word or warm smile on the other side of the unknown.

With almost every good friend I have I can point to some moment where I was nervous and unsteady but still took a chance and pushed past my level of comfort. Those moments are hard to forget because they were often defining moments in the friendship. Asking the girl who would be my maid of honor "Are we best friends?". Asking the man I would marry if he wanted to hang out with myself and couple other friends on the weekends. Accepting the offer of a college friend to keep me company on the 6 hour drive home. All people who define and shape my life today. Small seeds. Large bouquets.

Plant the Seed of Friendship Note Card

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