Friday, March 23, 2007

Flower Bed

This is the newest set of cards in the shop--another lovely set of six! This set pairs three pastels (blue, pink, and a very pale green) with three neutrals (light tan, orangey-beige, and a light brown). As all my sets, it comes tied up in a pretty little ribbon. The set is mixed--three are blossoming/blooming thank you cards. The other three read "wishing you joy", "plant a seed of friendship and reap a bouquet of happiness", and "Follow Your Dreams". It's a versatile little set, perfect for those times when you need a card on hand (and if you are like me, never have one--what is that old saying about the shoe maker's children always being barefoot?). This set would also make a nice substantial gift--perhaps for a gracious hostess, or a friend who loves to send cards.

Flower Bed-- Set of Six Mixed Note Cards

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