Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Everything surrounding this move is both happening astonishing fast and painfully slowly. On one hand, each day seems to stretch into long expanses of drawn out moments. On the other, I blink and days go by.

Yesterday's blog post was eaten due to our car's prolonged visit to the mechanic's. You know how it goes--you take it for an oil change and then, just because it knows there is a long road trip coming up, the things that "really should be fixed" start to pile up. The good news is that it's nothing major, the car will be in prime condition for the drive to our new home, and we already have all the box gathering and tape buying done. The bad news is that we have no car for the next few days.

I will be doing my best to update the blog this week, although I'm not really expecting to add more stock to the store until after we arrive in Alabama.

Although, I must say, doing things this quickly is excellent for making decisions and getting things done. : )

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