Sunday, February 25, 2007

Friendship Grows

Today I posted another friendship grows card in the shop. I love this one. The flower looks like it is dancing! Especially with the placement of the leaves. Sort of a twist/Saturday night fever combo.

I took pictures of both this card and another, intending to put them both up in the shop. Until I got to my computer and discovered they were dark! I thought I was going crazy until I realized my exposure setting on my camera had gotten set back to zero. I'm not sure if I did that and meant to change it back, or if it reverted when I changed the batteries. I will have to keep an eye on it more closely!

These pics were decent enough to post, although I still plan to re-shoot them, but the other card's were awful. Oh well, expect two new things tomorrow instead! ^_^

I do really like the angle I decided up for the close up, so I will probably use that for the rest of the cards in this series. It gives such an impression of the depth, it really pulls you in. : )

Friendship Grows Card
Friendship Grows Card

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