Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dragonling Bookmark and Planting the Seed of Friendship

Today I listed two things up in the shop. The first of which was long over due. You may remember me mentioning waaaaaay back in November that I had made up some dragonling bookmarks for a contest that VAST had. Well, my little dragonlings won the contest(!) but never made it to the shop due to a mental block on how to package them.

I've finally decided to list them packaged up in the same drawstring bags as my pocket mirrors. This makes them gift-ready. : ) Once that decision was made, it was simply a matter of getting them photographed and listed. So today a small dragonling reading a newsletter went up in the shop. Fun fact-- since he was one of the bookmarks I made for the VAST challenge, he is actually reading the VAST newsletter. If you look *very* carefully, you might be able to tell that the page is titled "EYE" which is the title of the VAST newsletter.

The second thing that went up today was a vibrant pink and white flower card with the saying "Plant the seed of friendship reap a bouquet of happiness." stamped below it.

OOAK Dragonling Bookmark
Plant the Seed of Friendship Note Card

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