Sunday, January 28, 2007

Little Love Notes and Veric

Today, I listed two new things in the shop. The first is a set of teeny tiny love cards with snow/winter themed envelopes. It seemed very appropriate for the season and reminded me of that old Christmas carol "The weather outside is frightful / but the fire inside is so delightful". : )

Little Love Notes-Snow/Winter Themed

The other thing introduced was Veric's portrait. He likes trees, making things, and cheddar cheese. He's a big fan of building tree houses and just spending hours up in his small hideway at the very top of the boughs. He dislikes sarcasm, cities, and onions. Sarcasm confuses him and he hates having to have it explained to him. He never really gets it anyway and just feels silly. : / Although he is number 43/43 in the first set, he is not the last dragonling I will be listing from this set. I've simply been doing them in whatever order seems right.


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