Thursday, December 07, 2006

Friends Forever Note Card, Creative Challenge #28

As promised, the first of my individual cards went up in the shop today. This one is made with one of my newer stamps and says "Friends today friends Forever".

Friends Forever Note Card

Tonight was the beginning of the end as I now have one final down (hooray!). I have a brief break in tests until next Tuesday when I have two more (ugh). I'm going to try to get some new stuff up in the shop in between studying for those tests.

Also, in the Etsy forums, there is a group of sellers who participate in weekly "Creative Challenges". Jewelstreet, the seller who leads the group, posts a new challenge every Monday with an open-ended deadline (meaning you can go back and do old ones) for you to create something for your shop based on the theme. I've been watching the group for awhile now and even sketched out a few ideas, but nothing really stuck. But this week's challenge I simply have to do.

Here's the challenge:

"...To create something that is inspired by a video game, computer game,or board game. It could be an arcade gam from the 80's or your favorite board game growing up. It could be a computer game that you play now. Take it to the next level and have fun with it."

So, after my final tonight, as a way to relax, I started sketching. Here are the drawings I made.

Dragonling on Controller
Dragonling with Tetris

They are a pretty literal translation of the theme, although my final item(s) may not be. I've found that the best way to get the obvious ideas out of my head is to sketch them out and then keep sketching. I plan on continued sketching over the next few days to try and come up with something I'm happy with.

If you want to see some other items created for the challenge you can look here or here.

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