Monday, November 20, 2006

News and Cathlyn

Yesterday was a hugely busy etsy day. I cut out a ton of teeny-tiny envelopes--136 of them! I also got around to making the charms for the bookmarks I'm making for the VAST Challenge. I had finished everything but that part, so I was able to complete 5 bookmarks. They will be up in the shop once I figure out what I want to do for packaging which will affect pricing, etc. But for now, here's a group shot.

Dragonling Bookmark

Then I was poking around etsy looking for holiday gifts and discovered I was on not one, but TWO treasury lists! That made my day. : )

Treasury 1
Treasury #2

Today I listed Cathlyn, a little dragonling who likes thunderstorms, pie a'la mode, and surprises. Of course, she really only likes nice surprises, but I think most people would guess that. She dislikes paperwork, iced drinks, and big dogs. Ice in drinks bothers her because the ice melts and then it waters the drink down. She'd much rather have it warm, thank you. Cathlyn's portrait is the 13th of the set of 43.


I spent most of today making promos. One of the other etsy sellers will be at a HUGE craft show and she has volunteered to hand out promo items. So I'm sending along 45 teeny-tiny cards packaged up with my business cards and a pin, 30 pens, and 25 extra business cards.

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