Monday, November 13, 2006

Is It Here Yet?

I feel like I used to as a kid on Christmas Eve. Absolutely giddy with when Santa V2 will arrive. It's probably for the best that it's not here yet as I have two homework assignments, and a paper due in the next three days. Oh, and a presentation and paper section for a group report that need to be done by the end of the week.

It's pretty useless though. Today has been spent something like this:

*read a paragraph or two in text book
*refresh etsy
*poke around at etsy related groups on flickr and yahoo
*read another paragraph
*refresh etsy

Only that probably over-estimates the amount of work I'm getting done. ; )

On a different topic, part of my Friday haul was two new stamps. Both are going to enable me to have thank you cards up in the shop in the next couple of weeks or so (end of the semester fun tends to interfere with crafting). I've been looking for awhile for stamps that I liked because I didn't want ones that just said "Thank you" for two reasons:

1) It's boring and overdone.
2) Did you know that according to etiquette your thank you notes should never have "thank you" pre-printed on them? It's considered tacky. (Oh, the things you learn planning a wedding.) Most people don't care, as pre-printed thank-you notes are something of a standard now, but for those that *do* care, I think it's nice.

The bookmarks are coming along nicely, I just need to get around to the shrinky-dink charms. Probably next weekend at this rate. Although, if I can get some actual schoolwork done this week, than maybe sooner.

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