Friday, December 01, 2006

Insanity is Setting in

Nothing new in the shop today, although I did get this little set posted yesterday.

Thank You Bouquest-Transitions

I've been so busy prepping for the craft fair this Saturday, that despite having things to list, I don't have time to do so! Ack!

Yesterday and today I folded and folded and folded and then stamped and stamped and stamped and then packaged and packaged and packaged...Over 250 teeny tiny cards and envelopes, about 200 new ones, all wrapped up for the fair. I also got 80% done with some bookmarks and cell phone charms.

Tomorrow I am heading over to my mom's house to hunker down and prep for the show. Thankfully, my mom is helping me out so I will have another pair of hands and eyes.

Sometime during the course of tomorrow I need to:

*Finish those bookmarks and cell charms
*Create signage for the tables
*Figure out how to display all of my cards, dragonlings, and business cards
*Create an inventory sheet so we can check off what is sold
*Create a sign-up sheet for people to sign up for an email list
*Get petty cash for change
*Get together snacks and water bottles
*Put my shop in edit mode so I can't accidentally sell the same things twice.



  1. Woah, that's quite a list of things to do (and done). Good luck with the show!


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