Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dragonlings in Progress

I spent a good bit of time today and yesterday working out the names and interests for my dragonlings. I've made a fair bit of progress and if I get some good time to crank on these, the first one might hit the shop as soon as tomorrow. The dragonlings are a limited edition set of 42 1" (2.5 cm) pinback buttons made from unique drawings. They will be listed separately, so that they could go to up to 42 different homes. : ) If this set goes well, then I may do another set to follow.

My button maker is currently out of town, but I need to talk to her when she gets back to see what her minimum order is. That will determine if I can accommodate custom requests for dragonlings based on personal interests.

I also relisted one of my teeny-tiny card sets today, so it's back at the top! : )

The other day (the 29th, I think) I got a massive in-rush of views on one of my mistletoe cards. It had been in the shop for four days and it more than doubled its views in a period of 8 hours. I have no idea what triggered the rush, but if anyone had a part in that... Thanks!

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