Friday, November 17, 2006

Dilya and Mistletoe

Dilya's portrait went up in the shop today. She is a dragonling who likes chemistry, lakes, and strawberry shortcake. See her breathing fire? Chemistry in action! And, just for the record, she prefers her strawberry shortcake made with pound cake instead of angel food cake. She dislikes monkeys, coconut, and junk mail. I think most everyone would agree with her about the junk mail. : ) She says she dislikes monkeys because they are too loud and scary.

Also in the shop today, a new mistletoe card. Blank inside with the option of being stamped with "got mistletoe?".

Etsy is most functional at this point. There are still a few things being sorted out, so if you have any problems feel free to contact me directly or to just keep trying. Most of the things that are down don't affect site functionality just sellers' sanity (view counters)


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